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Musca: A Southern Constellation - The page describes the history, mythology, and features of Musca, a small constellation in the southern sky that represents a fly.
Stars of Musca - The page lists the main stars of the constellation, their characteristics, and their variability. Some of the stars are members of the Scorpius´┐ŻCentaurus association, a group of hot blue-white stars that share a common origin and motion.
Exoplanets and Binary Systems - The page reports the discovery of three star systems with exoplanets in Musca, as well as several binary systems with white dwarfs, black holes, or neutron stars that produce X-rays or gamma rays.
Nebulae and Clusters - The page mentions some of the notable nebulae and clusters in Musca, such as the Coalsack Nebula, a dark nebula that obscures part of the Milky Way, the Engraved Hourglass Nebula, a planetary nebula with a complex structure, and NGC 4833, one of the oldest globular clusters in the galaxy.
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