Astronomy Tutorial

Humans were always fascinated by nature, fire, water, stars... They tried to understand or imagine the rules of this universe. [...]

Can you (still) see the stars?
We have large and bright cities. We have tall skyscrapers, well lit malls and parking lots, well illuminated streets and freeways. Downtown, it feels like daylight after sunset.

Naked eye astronomy
What is that - naked eye astronomy? Well... it's a very old science. There were astronomers way before the telescopes.

When people talk about astronomy, they think about telescopes. It's as there no real astronomy without the help of a telescope.The reality is that many astronomical targets can be seen with binoculars.

What is a good beginner telescope? Is that Walmart telescope good enough? How much magnification do I need to have for my telescope to see the Moon, planets or galaxies?

Summer Sky

Summer Sky