SkyMap Windows Phone 7 Application

SkyMap is an amazing planetarium for your windows phone. It enables you to point your phone at the sky and see what stars, constellations, planets or deep space objects are out there in real time.
SkyMap shows the sky in 3D, like you see it at night time exposing a collection of over 110000 stars. It’s very easy to use for any viewpoint, time and location on Earth: it determines your location automatically, supports pinch to zoom for more details and provides a highly customizable map.  

v2.1 (for SkyMap Free and SkyMap full version) - available for download on Microsoft's marketplace
v2.0 (SkyMap full version) - is available for download from marketplace
NOTE: users of v2.0 may encounter an issue with the calibration dialog. In order to work around this issue (fixed in v2.1) users have to click Done, in that dialog, and restart the calibration by using the calibration button in the sensors bar (or disabling and re-enabling the point to sky feature).

Oct 1st, 2011:

v1.5 - first Mango update (for Windows Phone 7.5) with the promised compass support was released on marketplace. It includes a few more features (fast application switching, red night button on settings bar, sensors calibration and adjustments, etc).

v1.4 - last NoDo update (for Windows Phone 7.0) was published on marketplace. It includes a few UI changes, Pluto, additional options, etc.

Jul 14th, 2011:
We've released 2 new applications on marketplace: SkyMap Free and Astropix.
SkyMap Free is a light version of SkyMap (pretty similar with SkyMap trial).
And here's a video presentation for Astropix:

MMay 24th, 2011:

We have a new release of SkyMap (version 1.2) available for download on marketplace.
Please take a look at our presentation video (below) for a preview of the new features in version 1.2:
- astronomy picture of the day
- map rotation mode
- point to sky mode (beta)
- flashlight, map orientation lock and other improvements
- help page

1. "Point to sky feature" - all windows phones have compass hardware but Microsoft have not exposed the compass functionality (API) yet; after Microsoft exposes this functionality in their next OS update (Mango), SkyMap will have a full "point to sky feature" (similar to other skymap application on other platforms: Android or iPhone)
2. Can't update the free trial - you should not have this issue anymore after you install the last OS update
3. Feel free to send us your comments or suggestions - we're commited to improve our application based on your suggestions!

SkyMap has a full set of features in order to help both casual stargazers and amateur astronomers to explore and locate the objects in the sky:
- interactive zoom (dimmer stars are displayed based on the zoom level)
- night mode (preserves the eye adaptation to dark during stargazing sessions)
- gesture support (drag the sky map, pinch or double tap to zoom, tap to get sky object information, etc)
- telrad circles
- constellations, stars, deep space objects, planets, sun and moon informations
- autocomplete search function
- fast star data loading and initialization
- various map customizations and settings
- map animations
- map support for portrait and landscape orientations
SkyMap can be used as an educational software to learn the constellations and objects in the sky, to follow the movements of planets and other sky objects during the time (day or night), to find out the position of sun, planets and stars at specific moments of time between 1900 and 2100 (for example when you were born).
The trial version is fully functional but shows ads and limits a few settings. Please buy the full version in order to support the future development, unlock all settings and get the application without ads.
More features will be added during the future application upgrades and they will be available at no additional cost to the people who buy this application now. For example, we’ll try to add more stars, improved graphics, point the phone to the sky (when compass API becomes available).

SkyMap - Orion SkyMap - Star Information SkyMap - Night Mode SkyMap - AltAz Grid SkyMap - Zoom Out SkyMap - Display Settings Page SkyMap - Southern Hemisphere SkyMap - City Selection