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Hercules: A large constellation in the northern sky named after the Roman mythological hero, with no stars brighter than magnitude 2.5.
Stars and Planets: Hercules contains many double and variable stars, as well as 15 stars with known planets, including 14 Herculis and HD 164595.
Deep Sky Objects: Hercules hosts two bright globular clusters, M13 and M92, a planetary nebula, Abell 39, and several galaxies, such as Hercules A and the Hercules Cluster.
Mythology and Visualization: Hercules is associated with various mythological figures, such as the Greek hero Heracles, the Babylonian "Standing Gods", and the Sumerian Gilgamesh. It can be visualized in different ways, such as the "Kneeler", the "Standing Gods", or the "Keystone".
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