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Camelopardalis: A large but faint constellation of the northern sky representing a giraffe, introduced by Petrus Plancius in 1613.
Stars: The constellation contains four stars brighter than magnitude 5.0, including Cam, a blue supergiant, and Cam, a yellow supergiant and a double star.
Variable stars: The constellation has several variable stars, such as Z Cam, the prototype of Z Camelopardalis variables, and RU Cam, a bright Type II Cepheid.
Galaxies and other deep sky objects: The constellation is rich in distant galaxies, such as NGC 2403, a member of the M81 group, and MACS0647-JD, one of the farthest known galaxies. It also has open clusters, planetary nebulae, and a galaxy cluster with a powerful central black hole.
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