Next version of SkyMap Windows Phone application

by Administrator 1. February 2011 22:44

We've released version 1 and watched it getting downloaded by a lot of people. Thank you to downloading our app. We also have to thanks all the people who provided feedback and asked for new features.

With so much interest around our SkyMap application, we've decided to already start working on the next version.

But, what's going to be new in the next version of SkyMap?

Without getting in too much details, we already have a list of features postponed from the first version. Additional to that we get user requests by emails to our email address (support at

There are a couple of large categories of work items:

- various graphics improvements (for example, I've already added support for star colors on the website - so this change will be ported to the wp7 application)

- a new map visualization mode (the app has now a planisphere view mode - but we'll get prepared for the "point to the sky" feature as soon as Microsoft decides to expose compass API; even if that API is not exposed soon, depending on user requests, we may expose a "hybrid" solution of using a tilt + manual orientation of the map)

- additional settings and features (e.g. flip the map horizontally and vertically, draw celestial equator, etc)

- customizable live tile

The list is long and growing :) But the prioritization process is already in place.

Please send us your feedback and any feature requests that's important for you. We're dedicated to achieve a high customer satisfaction in our products. And thank you again for your interest in our SkyMap for Windows Phone 7 application!

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